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Asura’s Wrath Returns: DLC Style

Wrath does not simmer down quickly, as it would seem with Capcom’s new IP Asura’s Wrath.  This highly-stylized action game, told over the course of 18 episodes (or 19, counting the secret one), will apparently be getting longer, as Capcom sent out a press release two days ago announcing upcoming DLC that would add to […]

Civilization V

Written with the cooperation of Thomas Hanley, my long-time friend and assisting writer for Gamer Codex. His insight into the game surpasses even mine, so I thank him for assisting in the review process.   The latest installment in Sid Meyer’s genre-defining series doesn’t so much represent a revolution (not unlike its console predecessor) in […]

Square Enix: Double Dose of News

Looks like our good friend Square Enix has been quite the busy beaver lately.  Between releasing Final Fantasy XII-2, developing Wakfu (to be addressed later), Kingdom Hearts 3D and Sleeping Dogs (the reboot of the True Crime franchise), they are also working on DLC and online promotions.  Here is just some of what they have announced […]

A Look at Kingdom Hearts 3D

For a decade, the Kingdom Hearts franchise, developed and owned by Square Enix with Disney Interactive Studios’ participation, has been published to several different consoles and handhelds, with the results usually being  financial success and positive reception by critics.  This year, the former, a proud Japanese developer, is taking its franchise to the 3DS with […]

Dragon’s Dogma Demo Coming to XBLA and PSN

Coming fresh from Capcom Central, the long-standing developer has announced the release of a playable demo of its low-key title, entitled Dragon’s Dogma, which will be coming at an undisclosed time prior to the game’s release.  Said demo will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace and on the PlayStation Network. Based on information […]