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Square Enix: Double Dose of News

Looks like our good friend Square Enix has been quite the busy beaver lately.  Between releasing Final Fantasy XII-2, developing Wakfu (to be addressed later), Kingdom Hearts 3D and Sleeping Dogs (the reboot of the True Crime franchise), they are also working on DLC and online promotions.  Here is just some of what they have announced today:

Steam Sale and a Hit Collection

You heard it right, readers: Steam is having a sale from now (Thursday, March 22nd) to Monday the 26th on all Square Enix games, new and old, for 50% off.  Additionally, for today only, the site is offering all of the previous Hitman games for 75% off.

Square Enix has also taken the time and effort to put together a Hit Collection of over 15 of their classic games for Steam members.  Priced at 34% of the normal price ($74.99), this collection includes the likes of Deus Ex, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Just Cause, amongst other well-received games from Square Enix, plus all of their individual DLC.

To say this is an amazing deal is an understatement.  What are you still doing here reading this for?  Go buy yourself the Collection, or at least a Hitman game!

N7 Armour…in Final Fantasy XIII-2???

For those of you who didn’t leave, and are aware of both Mass Effect and Final Fantasy (and the clear distinctions between the two), then you will find this as bewildering as I have.  Nonetheless, in lieu of a deal with BioWare, Square Enix has announced upcoming DLC for its January releaseXII-2 that will give its protagonists, Serah Ferron and Noel Kreiss, the iconic N7 armour that was popularized by Commander [Insert Name Here] Shepard.

Here’s a look at one of gaming’s weirdest, yet somehow still amazing crossovers yet:

As you can see, it’s a weird mash-up, and it’s sort of out of left field, but it’s an interesting addition to an already relatively lengthy game.   The exact price, release date and means of distribution are unknown, but Square Enix has stated in their most recent press release that the DLC content is part of a “special promotion unveiled for select retailers”, so take what you will from this.

It looks like Square Enix’s plate is full right now, yet every so often they find a way to add more to their load.  Certainly it seems to be worth keeping an eye on proceedings in the coming weeks, if only to see how their plans pan out.  Keep reading our articles, gamers.


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