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TCG Unboxing: Yu-Gi-Oh Collection

It’s been years since I’ve thought about Yu-Gi-Oh, the Japanese card game that was once a top competitor in its field, matched only really by Pokemon (the card game, not the video games).  These days, the average person doesn’t hear much about it, as it has seemingly fallen into obscurity with the rise of online gaming and other video game-related milestones.  A shame; I still remember my desire to own a Blue-Eyes White Dragon and wield it with pride.

In any case, Matt, essentially Gamer Codex’s foremost authority on card games, has agreed to upload more footage of his unboxings.  I hope that they are appreciated for the fan service that they were designed to provide:

As you can tell, he is quite dedicated to this field and it’s impressive that he would give his own time to something whose relevance can be debated.  However, for those who remember the days of Yugi Motou and his precious Dark Magician, it is a treat to see it honoured in such a manner.  Keep reading, gamers.


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