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Halo 4

Halo 4, the 8th installment to the Halo series, is finally going to arrive on November 6, 2012.  343 Industries has taken over the Halo series on this one and so far are doing a good job to make it look amazing.  Even though these games are not repetitive like other series, all the Halo games have that  distinct feel that a lot of us have grown to love.  Anyway, as to expect from a new game in this series, it should include new characters and/or species, new weapons and vehicles, a new story line and terrain/location and sometimes additions to the multiplayer.  From the already released trailers, some E3 gameplay footage and, of course, some already released news for Halo 4, we get to see some of what to expect.

First, we are going to see many of the old species but also some new species of hostile creatures in Halo 4.  Starting with the humans, we have John-117, aka Master Chief with his AI unit we all know as Cortana and it seems that we are going to have some SPARTAN IV’s in the game as well.  Now, in the gameplay, we see that the Covenant return with many of the old build up which includes Elites, Grunts and Jackals.  Also seen during the gameplay is a new species known as the Promethean race, which currently includes Crawlers, Knights and Watchers.  We probably haven’t seen all the new creatures and characters in the game, but with the new species, it gives us something else to shoot at.

Second, we will be talking about the possible weapons and vehicles we will see in Halo 4.  As always we have the human weapons and we have seen the classic Warthog and Assault Rifle, the return of the Battle Rifle. Also, the Sniper Rifle will return and we saw in the first trailer what appeared to be a single shot explosive handgun of some sort.  Then, of course we have the Covenant weapons which include the Energy Sword, the Storm Rifle, the Needler and the vehicle we know as the Ghost.  That brings to the weapons of the Prometheans and the ones we have seen appear to be called the Scattershot and the Lightrifle.  These are the weapons we have seen in trailers and gameplay and I hope to see all of these and many more in the upcoming game.

Third, the terrain/location of the new world and plot of the story are going to be discussed.  During the gameplay and trailers, there seems to be some robot-like portal which appears to abduct or intensely pull stuff out of space. When I first saw it, I was expecting a world made of various metal structures.  With the release of gameplay footage, we discover that it doesn’t appear to be robotic at all, but it does seem to be composed of organic structures, such as trees and mountains. As for plot, we have not really seem much, but what to expect would be either to discover the secrets of the Prometheans or John and the other humans and/or Spartans attempting to escape.

Even though the campaign will be something new and hopefully something amazing, we still have to talk about the last point – the multiplayer.  As we have seen in previous games, and now returning in Halo 4, is the ability to customize and create our character, unique to what we like and how we play.  I wouldn’t doubt that the ability to customize our colors will return.  Also, it appears that we will be able to customize our Spartans down to the knee cap armor.  There also seems to be the ability to have armor upgrades such as the shield seen being used by the Promethean during the gameplay.  So far, Halo has been a game of countless hours online and hopefully 343 brings it back more amazing than ever.

During Halo 4, we will be seeing many new and old things in the game, but 343 seems to have made Halo 4 unique.  First we haven’t seen the environments of Halo 4 that often in previous Halo games.  Second, the multiplayer experience most likely will be the same, which is to be expected, but 343 will most likely add their own touch to make it yet another amazing online experience in which we will spend many more hours devoted to playing this game.  Hopefully 343 will mark themselves in a good way with this game and not disappoint the Halo fans, and from the trailers and gameplay it appears they are doing a great job.

-Tucker Hergott, Journalist


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