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Industry Update: July 25th

Since the summer season is rather slow after E3, and there isn’t much for publishers and other companies to do until September, here is another collection of industry news for your reading pleasure. From Square Enix Square seems to be the most busy this time of year, with news on recent and upcoming releases coming […]

Lego Batman 2

Okay – hello, Gamer Codex. This is Matt Tennant here. I would like to offer some backstory on this review. This review was not written by me – it was written by a very good friend of mine by the name of Matt Gaston. He saw my review and wanted to try a review once. […]

Red Faction: Origins

As a video game journalist, I have a certain responsibility to report on all aspects of the industry, even those that spin-off into different mediums, as is the case with Red Faction: Origins.  A direct-to-TV film produced by Universal Media Pictures under the watch of THQ, Origins was pitched as a major step for multi-media entertainment […]

Quake III: Arena

Being raised in the age of cover-based, high-adrenaline, set-piece oriented first-person shooters has the effect of cutting one off from the equally intense yet lower budget classics of yesteryear. That’s a shame, because the late ’90s were a breeding ground for well-known multiplayer-oriented gamer obsessions, such as Quake and Unreal. Quake III: Arena, therefore, is […]

The Opinionator: “Rage” On Id Software

Before I get into my review of Id Software’s game, Rage, I would like to explain the titling of this review. People have complained that my reviews are purely opinion-based and they didn’t like that they were. So I decided to make a column on Gamer Codex called “The Opinionator” to give full disclosure that […]

Meet OUYA: The Next Big Console

Having just finished with my wrap-up of E3’s debut trailer marathon, I now wish to turn my attention to the major media event that is hitting our industry by storm, and I couldn’t be happier.  In the last week, news of an Android-based open-source console, known as OUYA, began popping up, with talk of no […]

Battlefield 3

When most people outside of the gaming community think of shooters, they usually think of Call of Duty because it is one of the biggest gaming titles. However, Battlefield has made a name for itself with the release of Battlefield 3, showing its graphics, vehicles, huge maps and massive destruction. This time around, Battlefield is […]