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Industry Update: July 25th

Since the summer season is rather slow after E3, and there isn’t much for publishers and other companies to do until September, here is another collection of industry news for your reading pleasure.

From Square Enix

Square seems to be the most busy this time of year, with news on recent and upcoming releases coming left and right.  Take, for instance, the media released on Tuesday, July 17th concerning Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.  In addition to new screenshots of the game in action, a new trailer titled “New Worlds” has come into the spotlight, which details new locations that protagonists Sora and Riku will visit in their quest.  The video is posted below, if you are inclined to watch it.

Aside from that, not much can be said.  Square’s new action-RPG, Heroes of Ruin, was released exclusively for the 3DS on the 17th for the nice value of $39.99.  Square also recently announced a bonus costume in Sleeping Dogs, based on Rico Rodriguez of Just Cause,  that will be available to those with a Just Cause 2 save file on their system, as well as making Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light available for Sony’s Xperia smartphones.

From Capcom

Capcom’s announcement is multi-faceted, all parts of it relating to their older works and all parts heavily hyped and anticipated.  First of all, they have announced the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, honouring the franchise’s milestone, that will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 18th.  This set is packed with a massive amount of content, consisting of 4 of the games, a 8” bust of Ryu, an art book, an 11-disc soundtrack collection, and a two-disc Blu-Ray set made up of a documentary and the Street Fighter animated movies and series, all totalling $150.

Adding to this are the festivities that Capcom has planned.  To honour its franchise’s 25th anniversary further, the company has planned a Street Fighter tournament series, the qualifying round of which is to be located in Austin, Texas (more info here: http://www.streetfighter25.com/), as well as partnering with iam8bit, a creative collective, to develop a group art expedition in Los Angeles set to run from August 3rd to 19th (learn more about it here: http://iam8bit.com/the-gallery/combo-attack/) and has authorized the production of a special edition chess set featuring Street Fighter characters for the retail price of $299.95.  If you’re a Street Fighter fan, then 2012 is certainly going to be your year.

From Activision Blizzard

Besides signing a deal with Swrve New Media to utilize its proprietary platform to presumably monitor the habits of gamers (the press release mentions that Swrve specializes in A/B testing and the study of behavioural practices), the company famed for both Call of Duty and StarCraft II has announced the release date for the latest expansion of World of Warcraft.  Mists of Panderia, the fourth expansion pack for the beloved MMO, will be available on September 25th to bring the virtual inhabitants of Azeroth a new set of adventures centred around the mysterious continent of Panderia.

From Gamer Codex

Last, but certainly not least, Gamer Codex’s web domain will be the centre of refinement and even change in the coming weeks, though I won’t spoil the details.  One of our current goals is to increase our productivity and our output on a weekly basis, as we want our beloved audience to be able to access the latest news in a timely and relevant manner.

In terms of new content, expect another release from Matt “The Opinionator” Tennant himself as he deals with one of 2011’s most disappointing releases – Duke Nukem Forever.  There’s also been a review of Gods and Kings in the works, courtesy of Ben Voss.   Anything else on the agenda will remain a mystery, save for this one tidbit: Who are the Patriots? – La Li Lu Le Lo

Until next time, keep reading, gamers.

– Kurt Hvorup, Founder and Administrator


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