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The Rise and Fall of OnLive

By the time this article goes up, the news will not be new or interesting to anyone, but it seems like everyone in the journalism industry is rendering their opinions on the following topic, so why not jump on the band wagon and see what can be learned? Anyway, here is Gamer Codex’s exploration into […]

The Opinionator: ZoMG 1337 HaxX0Rz

The Opinionator: ZoMG 1337 HaxX0Rz *Spoiler Warning* Okay, so this is my Opinionation (I’m making it a thing) of the game Mindjack (more of a form of torture than a game, but whatever). So, just like in my Rage review, this is going to be incredibly efficient. I played probably 2 hours of Rage before […]

Grand Theft Auto III

2001 certainly was a busy year for gamers, wasn’t it? Around the start of the sixth console generation, this landmark year brought us the Game Boy Advance, two new consoles, and the start or return of dozens of franchises, most notably Grand Theft Auto III – the game which brought new life and innovation to […]

One of the Greats

What makes a game great? Is it the ability to play with friends, the graphics, the plot/story line, the genre or how long you can play the game? There isn’t really an answer to some people. It’s either that they like or they don’t. Some people can’t form an opinion off of others. Well, I’m […]

Cheetahmen: Play or Die

Cheetahmen: Play or Die Hello Gamer Codex, The Opinionator here, however I am going to speak as Matt Tennant in this article, as it is something that I really like and hope works. So I recently visited Conbravo! in Burlington Ontario and there I met many great people including a one Greg Pabich, who you […]

One step forward, three steps back…

A new age of gaming supposedly appeared when Kinect made its first appearance on November 4th, 2010. You could play a game with no physical controller – you are the controller. I have always wanted virtual reality to come out for the public, but it has stayed within the NASA facilities for the use of […]

Dawnguard… it’s about time

In my Dawnguard trailer review I was really excited about the expansion. I thought, like most other people, that it would be released on July 26th for PS3, 30 days after the Xbox 360 release. Yet it didn’t. I did some more research on the release date and came across a lot of mad people. […]