One step forward, three steps back…

A new age of gaming supposedly appeared when Kinect made its first appearance on November 4th, 2010. You could play a game with no physical controller – you are the controller. I have always wanted virtual reality to come out for the public, but it has stayed within the NASA facilities for the use of astronauts to my understanding.

I have spoken to someone who works for Microsoft and he says there are certain areas where you need special access to enter.  For a while, there has been rumors and leaks from within those areas of virtual reality being developed and it was supposed to have come out in ten years. I can’t remember when I spoke, but I think it was 2 years ago.

Now virtual reality, for those who don’t know, is where you would actually be in the game, interacting directly with the gameplay. The Kinect has one thing close to that, which is that you are the controller. But I have recently bought one and even after two-ish years, there still are not a lot of games out for it. Not the same amount that would normally come out for a console, but it is not a console; it’s classified as an accessory. Plus, the games are not that great. The game that comes with it has mini-games meant for 10-year-olds.

There’s one game where you pop bubbles, another where you dodge obstacles and one where you stop leaks, and a few more. I bought the Star Wars game for the Kinect and played it for a bit after giving up completely. I tried the pod racing and could not go more than 50 metres without crashing because the Kinect thought my hands were doing something else. So, then I tried the campaign and was doing the training. That’s where I gave up.

To block an attack you had to hold your hands up and block, so I did. It blocked to the left. So I took the hit. Then next attack came from the left, so I blocked left, and apparently didn’t even block at all. So, after 10 minutes of failed blocking and rarely blocking, I gave up. One thing you can do with it is when you are at the home screen, you can slide your hand to change sections, instead of taping the left stick over, which uses a lot less energy.

I would not recommend buying the Kinect at all. The normal Xbox games are better without it. While it does give you a few more options in some games, it doesn’t add any more fun to the games. Save yourself the money and do not buy a Kinect, unless you have little kids or enjoy playing little kid games.

I also found the response time very slow when using the Kinect, and I think Microsoft should make a more responsive Kinect and better games for older age groups. Overall, I found the Kinect can provide some fun but I found it just made me waste my money on it. I do not recommend the Kinect.


-Ben Voss, Journalist and Member of the Editing Council


2 comments on “One step forward, three steps back…

  1. Dude, you’re so brilliant. Like the AVGNs. Tell me more about the secret Microsoft facility in NASA.

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