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Cheetahmen: Play or Die

Cheetahmen: Play or Die

Hello Gamer Codex, The Opinionator here, however I am going to speak as Matt Tennant in this article, as it is something that I really like and hope works. So I recently visited Conbravo! in Burlington Ontario and there I met many great people including a one Greg Pabich, who you may know from being on The Game Chasers. He is the Current owner of Active Enterprises and he has released the original Cheetahmen: The Creation Game in limited quantities on his website http://www.cheetahmengames.com. I have not personally played this game but I have been heard that it is very good.

Cheetahmen 2: The Lost Levels is the game being reproduced this time. This game is a fixed version of Cheetahmen 2 where all the levels work and can be played and all glitches have been fixed. This game, like its predecessor, will be released on  an NES cartridge with a proper box and everything.

Now, a little back-story on this whole thing. Greg after a long series of events ended up with a prototype cartridge with the Cheetahmen: The Creation (as it is now known)on the cartridge. He eventually decided to publish this game on an NES cartridge. He then decided to make a 100% working copy of Cheetahman 2 titled the Lost Levels.

So, now a little on the Kickstarter Campaign. This Kickstarter campaign is being used to collect funs for the creation and production of Cheetahmen 2: The Lost Levels and you can donate any amount from $1 which will get your name on the Hall of Fame/Shame, to $10,000, which will get you flown down to Texas where you will get to hang out with the Cheetahmen team and star in an episode of The Game Chasers. There is also an ultimate prize level where if you donate $25,000 you will get everything before this level (including being flown down to meet the team) along with a Mini Cooper wrapped in Cheetahmen wrapping paper. Now for people who just want to get a copy of the game you can donate $60 and receive a special copy of the game only for Kickstarter contributors.

While at ConBravo! I was able to record a 2 part interview with Greg Pabich (the first part is more of his booth overview and the second is like an interview with questions.) and  also I recorded most of his panel, the next day where he first showed off the video that was made for the campaign, which includes The Gamer chasers, Pat The NES Punk and the AVGN (who incidentally was also a special guest at the convention.

Interview Part 1:

Interview Part 2:

Panel Part 1:

Panel Part 2:

Panel Part 3:

Panel part 4:

Panel part 5(video): I apologize for the cutting off the video at the end. My camera died so the last part of the video and the end of the panel(about 5 minutes) was lost.

Now, Just to close off this article, the campaign started on the 7th of August 2012 and is going for 30 days. Their goal is to raise $65,000 in that time and at the time of writing, they have 520 that have donated $33,036 with 25 days to go. I sincerely recommend this project to all our readers and I hope it interests you enough that you help with the donations. Also, the Cheetahmen are better than the TMNT. DFTBA gamers until next time.

~Matt, “The Opinionator”, Tennant.


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