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Industry Update: September 30th

Note: This segment of Industry Update will also be acting as a segue into a new segment called Admin News…which is basically the same thing in video form.    Greetings, frequenters of entertainment! I am the Codex Admin, the foremost source of knowledge and wisdom on entertainment media…at least until someone as crazy as, say, Angry […]

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead

Warning: There will be mild spoilers…not that I want to spoil anything. It’s been quite a journey for Telltale, and for Lee’s little group.  Two episodes to go, and the story has reached what I can only assume is the point of no return, the instance when all actions will inevitably have the most drastic […]

The Opinionator: ConBravo! 2012

The Opinionator: ConBravo! 2012 I, The Opinionator, Aoplogize in the lateness of this article. So as you guys know I, Matt, “The Opinionator”, Tennant, went to Conbravo 2012 in Burlington Ontario back at the end of July. First, I would like to apologize on the lateness of this article – I just have been very […]

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved for Help

Warning: There will be mild spoilers. Good lord…just…if you’re squeamish or don’t have a taste for heavy morality, then episode two of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is going to shake you hard.  However, if that’s the kind of mature content that appeals to you, Starved for Help should be a welcome addition to your collection. […]

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

One year since I last covered Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I still remember its importance to me. It was the first game to be reviewed on the site I had previously worked at, and it was my first chance to flex my critical muscles. Thinking back, I believe that a change in reviewing strategy […]

The w.o.w series

World of War Craft This is my second post of many. The new talent tree for the update, do you like it? I am still sitting on the fence about this one. They have taken out a lot of talents and you can only choose one when you get to the level that you can […]

World Of Warcraft

  First off, I will not be writing in my usual style, but it will probably be similar. I played WOW when I was a kid, and at first I loved it. I love MMO’s and roleplaying games. So, I had this neighbour who got me started on WoW, and I played until level 25 […]