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The Opinionator: Random Pile of Game Boy Advance Games

The Opinionator: Random Pile of Game Boy Advance Games

So some backstory: I just bought a bunch of games off a friend, and in that lot was a bunch of random Game Boy Advance games. As I was playing these to see if any would get a review all to themselves, I wrote up a bit on the games. Here is my “review” of the ones that don’t get a full review.

Lego Star Wars The Video Game:

So I basically knew as soon as I looked at this game, it wasn’t getting a full review. I really don’t like Star Wars and I hate Lego games. It has bad controls, no explanation, and it is Star Wars, so it is terrible.

Pirates of The Carribean Dead Man’s Chest:

It’s a standard platformer with adequate controls, nice combat and a cool graphical style. However, the copy I have turned out to be a French language copy, so I have no clue what any of the text said or what to do.


Okay, so another standard platformer with no direction on what to do on the first level. However, the game is in English this time, so that’s always a plus. It is just a game based off a kids movie that was actually a good movie. The game, however, will not be getting a full review.

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8tland:

It’s a standard skate boarding game with no direction of what to do whatsoever. I have never been interested in the culture of skateboarding, so yeah.

Tom and Jerry and The Magic Ring:

I used to really enjoy the Tom and Jerry shows when I was a child. I believe I still own some VHS tapes of their shenanigans. In fact, I think this game is based off of one of the movies. The premise is that Jerry steals a magic ring and wears it like a crown, but he can’t get it off. Then the first level starts and I have no instruction on what to do – a continuing theme in these games, isn’t it? So, “Fuck it”, I said.

Disney Extreme SKATE Adventure:

Another skateboarding game – this time with Disney characters where you get to choose between 3 differently themed sections of the game. Namely Toy Story, The Lion King, and Tarzan-themed skateboarding sections. Screw it, it’s shit – pass on it.

Banjo-Kazooie Grunty’s Revenge:

This is honestly the first Banjo-Kazooie game I have ever played. I am tracking down the N64 games and the one for the Xbox 360 eventually, but I didn’t really like this game much. Maybe it’s because I started on someone’s old save file, but it just didn’t interest me.

So in conclusion, all of these games kinda sucked. I will be trading all of them in, except for one. The only one I’m not trading in at this point, I didn’t review here and I will probably forget to mention that it’s from this lot. It will, however, be going into a future group review. I did get some good games in this lot. I got Pokemon Blue, Yellow and Gold, as well as Looney Toons: Acme Arsenal and Sly 3 for the PS2, Super Mario Deluxe on Game Boy Color and a stack of about 80 Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

~Matt “The Opinionator” Tennant


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