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World Of Warcraft


First off, I will not be writing in my usual style, but it will probably be similar. I played WOW when I was a kid, and at first I loved it. I love MMO’s and roleplaying games. So, I had this neighbour who got me started on WoW, and I played until level 25 or something and it got so boring.

The quest were the same – go kill this 10 times, or go collect this 15 times, or go find this person. It felt like the game only had three quests, but just in different areas and with different enemies. So I quit and only played the first free month. I was so mad at how much I didn’t like it; I even bought a game guide for it.

Now my cousin, who is only 4 months older than me, got me back into it after talking to him about it for the whole summer, since we work together. I missed the summer sale, which was when I originally planned on buying it, but then the opportunity came up again with the weekend sale that was on recently. The only thing I was disappointed with was that he sent me a Recruit A Friend, which we both didn’t know requires me to buy a time card to bet the 3X bonus exp.

So I have to wait until next month to get the bonus and it only works when we are played together. So, now that I have a level 15 troll hunter and a level 32 undead priest. I have found the game so much more fun since I was a kid. They put in more than three quests and story lines that are really fun to play. I also love the dungeons.

The quests are still based on “go kill this” or “go get that and go talk to this person”. However, they added so much more, like using cannons to fight off massive hordes of enemies, or flying in a plane-like thing and taking down other plane things. I found that the troll is harder to level and you have a larger story line. But after the first part, you basically do all the orc quests once you get to Durotar, so I gave that up and tried a priest for the first time, which I think is my favourite and the most fun character to play.

Now, if you have never played WOW, then you understand what I’m talking about right now, but I am going to be posting my experiences with the game – dislikes and likes and such. I’m not writing a review of the game but I will be telling you about my experiences with the game, dislikes and likes, which I said before.

If you love MMO’s or roleplaying games, then you might like, really like or love WOW. So go to their website and try the free trial. You get to play up to level 20 for free, with some restrictions on what you can and can’t do, but it’s basically the full game. So, I suggest you should give it a try and add me when you get to the world of Azeroth.



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