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The w.o.w series

World of War Craft

This is my second post of many. The new talent tree for the update, do you like it? I am still sitting on the fence about this one. They have taken out a lot of talents and you can only choose one when you get to the level that you can choose from that tier.

And the glyphs? You can only get them once you’re level 50, whereas I am only 34, because I haven’t played in a while since I’ve been busy. So for me, the new talents kind of put me at a disadvantage from the ones before. But the new level is a bit faster because they have increased the level cap from 85 to 90. So, now it takes less exp to level up.

And now your mounts and achievements are shared between all your characters. I know they are trying to make the game easier for everyone, but seriously, battle pets!! You go around the world in search for these pets, so you can level them and fight them against other trainers. Sounds pretty familiar, maybe Pokémon? That, for me, is just ridiculous. The skill has been open for me for a while and I have not trained in it yet, because that sounds stupid. Maybe I will when I run out of quests and I’m just randomly walking around the world.

Well, anyway, as much as I have been playing, I haven’t gotten that much farther. I just moved to another area (Province? Territory? I don’t know what they’re called) to do more quests, and as a priest I have found that the only time I have died doing a quest was when I lagged out or I disconnected. Also, with the talent tree, you can no longer be two things – you have to stay all healer or all shadow or whatever, or for mages all frost or all fire.

The new things might become better after time or when I get use to them, but for now I’m still sitting on the fence. Also, Pandaria is coming out soon. I love the cinematic for it. Just love it!! Well, hope to see you in game!



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