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The Opinionator: ConBravo! 2012

The Opinionator: ConBravo! 2012

I, The Opinionator, Aoplogize in the lateness of this article.

So as you guys know I, Matt, “The Opinionator”, Tennant, went to Conbravo 2012 in Burlington Ontario back at the end of July. First, I would like to apologize on the lateness of this article – I just have been very busy lately. This is going to be more detailing my experience of the convention. Be warned.

So I didn’t go for all three days of the convention (I plan to next year, however), but I was there for Saturday and Sunday. I got there super early, signed in and met the man in charge of press dealings and talked to him (I already knew I couldn’t get a press badge) and then we went to get some lunch. After that, I went and walked around the vendors section for awhile where I bought some Harry Potter wands and talked to some artists.

One of those artists goes by the name of HesBell (or just Hes), and late on Sunday, I picked up one of each of her art works. I also met someone I had been talking to online who is opening a store in my area. He had a booth there, and we talked for a bit.

Later, I went to a retro collecting “Do’s and Don’ts” panel. While waiting in line, I went up to the front to get some of the water on the table for me and some people met in line and I met Roo Desensa. I got some pictures with him (thatwill be shown later), and after the panel, I got a picture with Birdman as well. Then me, the friends I met, and my mom went over to the mall for lunch and my mom went home after eating.

So we came back and we took pictures with the Cosplay for a Cure girls. These were beautiful girls who were raising money for breast cancer research. Shortly afterwards, I explained that I was with Gamer Codex and asked if I could get an interview with some of them. So we went outside and I did 3 interviews in pairs of 2 with 6 of the people there, 5 being female and 1 being male. We then hung out in my friends hotel room and they played NES and I went and hung out with another girl I met.

On Sunday, I was a little late getting to the conventions and I met up with Greg Pabich, who I had interviewed the previous day and he got me into his panel early to set up so I could record the panel. You can read my article about his campaign, which at the time of writing has surpassed the goal and is continuing to generate money here:


Later, I met up with my friends from the previous day at the Nerd vs Critic battle thing (AVGN Vs. The Nostalgia Critic) and we went to the mall for lunch again. Then we just meandered around the convention centre for the rest of the afternoon until they went to the closing ceremonies and I met a very nice girl who lives close to me and was cosplaying Juliet Starling. We hung out and walked around for about an hour and then I went home.

Now, time for pictures and videos. First, I will put up my cosplayer interviews and then my pictures.

Juliet Starling and Power Girl Cosplayer Interviews:

Emma Frost and Red Velvet Cosplayer Interviews:

Red Sonia and Ashitaka Cosplayer Interviews:


Me with Roo:

Me with Birdman:

Portal gun

Sekura cosplayer

I had the time of my life at conbravo this year and I plan on going all weekend next year. Maybe if anyone wants to do a meetup we can (if we have enough fans by then ;)). DFTBA Gamers.

~Matt, “The Opinionator”, Tennant


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