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Industry Update: September 30th

Note: This segment of Industry Update will also be acting as a segue into a new segment called Admin News…which is basically the same thing in video form.   

Greetings, frequenters of entertainment! I am the Codex Admin, the foremost source of knowledge and wisdom on entertainment media…at least until someone as crazy as, say, Angry Joe comes up north and single-handedly takes over the country.

Anyway, let’s start off this brand new segment of mine with some backstory: I had a brilliant idea, there was no one else in the room, and I had a name standing by. With that out of the way, let’s begin Admin News!

First off, we’ll be turning to our favourite Japanese game publisher-turned-public punching bag Square Enix for news to pick apart. You know Sleeping Dogs, the game completed by United Front Games that began as an instalment in the True Crime series? It’s getting FIVE DLC PACKS!

Square has announced that the “October DLC” will consist of the Street Racing Pack (Hong-Kong based racing), the SWAT Pack (20 new cop missions), the Tactical Soldier Pack (just, you know, the most powerful f**king gun and armour in the game), the Community Gift Pack (undisclosed tailor-made content from United Front, bless their hearts) and an unnamed expansion to the story that will be further explained at New York Comic Con on October 14th. More details on pricing and exact release dates are forthcoming, but whet your appetite for new content (and new ways to criticize DLC practices) by checking out the DLC trailer I posted.

There’s also news on the Final Fantasy front – though whether or not fans will respond well to Final Fantasy XIV’s return remains to be seen. Yes, Final Fantasy XIV, or as I call it, “that one honest-to-god sh*tty Final Fantasy game”, is returning to retail after its…less than favourable release in 2010. Check out the trailer that was first shown at the latest Tokyo Game Show – and before you ask, yes, they are marketing this “Version 2.0” as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. God help the souls of whatever uninitiated gamers get entrapped by this devious, if blunt and overly direct, marketing ploy.

 Speaking of the Tokyo Game Show – and by extension, any clever segue to get me the hell away from Final Fantasy number “who gives a sh*t anymore” – there’s another corporate entity who made their presence known at this event: Capcom, the poster child for bad DLC promotion tactics. The house that S.T.A.R.S built released several screens, visual assets and video footage of some key upcoming releases, which we will collect for you on our channel.

Some notable titles include DMC Devil May Cry (a reboot which may bring credibility to reboots & reinventions everywhere), Okami HD (the update to a critically-beloved but tragically-underselling PS2 classic) and the PSVita port of Street Fighter X Tekken (a long-awaited crossover of two renowned fighting franchise that I have never cared for, but respect for their contributions to the genre).

 Capcom’s also got its eyes on a couple of other projects. It recently released Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile on the App Store for $2.99 (granted, that was the promotional price for release). Among its features includes ten key fighters from both franchises, refined tag-team mechanics, online battles via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, mobile platform-centric controls, and at least one new timed survival mode entitled Gauntlet Mode.

Capcom also intends to expand on the relative success gained from Dragon’s Dogma, a.k.a “the Resident Evil 6 demo plus some other game”, with the inclusion of Speedrun and Hard modes as free DLC and the announcement of an expansion entitled Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen that has not yet been conceptually approved by Microsoft but which is planned to drop in 2013. Huh…

Okay, we’re at the home stretch, with only EA to probe for new information. Sadly, they’ve been cautious in revealing what new projects they’ve been working on, so what I have is largely a collection of what I can only assume are desperate PR events to regain the public’s favour after what happened earlier this year…particularly with a certain award the Economist saw fit to award the company.

Anyway, onward and upward. Electronic Arts has apparently saw fit to improve their international affairs, given the fact that they announced the successful creation of 300 jobs at their European Customer Experience Centre of Excellence in Galway, Ireland. They are also setting records in terms of their own products, as they revealed that 1.99 million people, across 73 countries, downloaded the FIFA Soccer 13 demo within a 3-day period, and that the worldwide opening week sales for NHL 13 were 9 percent higher than last year’s opening sales.

Finally, EA has a few tricks to keep gamers interested in its wares – namely bringing back its key franchises. BioWare, hot off their completion of the Mass Effect trilogy, is returning to their other action-RPG franchise, Dragon Age, for the sake of forming a cohesive trilogy. Enter Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, which EA claims will have the “storytelling legacy BioWare is known for”, combined with strong RPG mechanics and use of the freaking Frostbite 2 engine. Yes, a Dragon Age game…running on Frostbite 2. I think I may cry.

Also, the Medal of Honor Warfighter open multiplayer beta is coming exclusively to Xbox 360 in early October (coincidentally running on Frostbite 2), and will feature 12 playable Tier 1 units from 10 nations and the opportunity to unlock Linkin’ Park’s new music video, “Castle of Glass”.

Well, that’s all I have in me. I believe that’s a wrap for this instalment of Admin News, but I’ll return next week…hopefully. Anyway, there’s going to be a fair amount of new content on our channel, so don’t forget to check it out. This is the Codex Admin, signing off.


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