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Comic Jumper

Comic books and video games really are soul-mates these days, aren’t they? We have games that either tie-in to an established franchise or that feel like comic books, and we have comic books that do the reverse. However, the one thing that has been lacking is parody: no one has dared to poke fun at […]

Final Fantasy XIII (a.k.a The Codex Admin Returns)

I apologize to all of you, my loyal readers. Not even the Codex Admin is immune to human illness, and so this past week, I have been recuperating from a cold which prevented my timely review of both this and Comic Jumper. However, now that I’m back, please enjoy both reviews for the price of […]


Hey guys we are sorry articles have been slow lately we have alot of articles and reviews coming up. Now however i just wanted to post a poll to see what your guys favourite video game system is. Keep Gaming Gamers

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

The light goes out, making the guards jumpy. They know he’s stalking them, they’ve heard the stories, but they never believed a word. Then, a flash of movement, a roar of rage, and the guards fall lifeless to the ground. Little blood has been spilt, but that matters not to Richard B. Riddick – all […]

Mortal Kombat

“MORTAL KOMBAT!!!” So, one might assume that I’ve been occasionally exposed to this oft-controversial fighting series since its debut, having been raised in that general time period – this is not wrong. Furthermore, you could assume that I would, therefore, be a fan of Mortal Kombat, with a moderate to high knowledge of the series’ […]