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Madden Turns 25 with New Release

Congratulations, Madden, for reaching your Silver Anniversary!  Yes, North America’s longest-running sports game franchise achieves this significant milestone just in time for Madden NFL 25, coming in August.

NFL 25, defying the trend of being named by year, has inspired a number of festivities in its honour.  For one, a Cover Vote to determine the athlete featured on the case is planned to start March 11th on ESPN.com/MaddenVote, where the fans can vote for 32 all-time NFL legends or 32 modern NFL stars in a bracketed tournament-style competition.  The winner will be announced at 4:00pm EST on ESPN2 during a special edition of SportsNation.

The game also has various levels of hype surrounding its release, with experts in sports and in gaming eagerly watching.  Cam Weber, GM of American Football for EA SPORTS, claimed that there was “no better way to celebrate and mark the culmination of 25 years of innovation”, further stating that NFL 25 would “push the boundaries with gameplay and feature innovations that will lay a very strong foundation for the next 25 years”.

With high expectations and $3.7 billion in past revenue, Madden NFL 25 is set to impress once more.  All will be clear when it releases August 27th for Xbox 360 and PS3.


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