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TMi Trivia Coming To iOS Devices

No one ever said that trivia games are necessarily popular, but apparently they warrant a press release.  That seems to be the thinking behind the news that Electronic Arts will be publishing such a game exclusively for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch this spring.

TMi Trivia, the product in question, is a trivia game centred around pop-culture and current events.  Centred around the Facebook generation, it adapts its questions based on “topics you know and love” –  TV, radio, the Internet, fashion, music, celebrity gossip, and so on.  The release claims it makes its changes by taking a look at players’ Facebook and iTunes accounts to best match their interests, as well as to ensure that “the questions are always fresh and relevant”.

EA also intends to provide this game with as much support as possible by hooking up with various famed media outlets, such as Variety, Celebuzz and Fanhattan, to keep the flow of content a constant one.  More partners will be drawn in, they say.

TMi Trivia will be free to download – save for wireless costs – and will be arriving at Canada’s App Store next week, with the international release set for sometime in Spring 2013.




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