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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Aims at Innovation

Let it never be said that EA purposefully makes bad games – it’s just that they’re so wealthy and successful that the concerns of the “little people” (a.k.a the average gamer) seem petty to them, so quality isn’t always prioritized.  Luckily, that may not be a concern with this year’s instalment of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, which is promising certain new features worthy of attention:

Back in Time… – Players get to experience golf throughout the ages, from its origins in the late 19th century (that’s the 1800s to you, America) to today.  This has two key effects: gamers will get to see the evolution of golf’s mechanics and tactics as represented by “true-to-life ball physics”, and they’ll be able to encounter several recreated “retro” golf clubs like the Mashies and Brassies.

Nice and Polished – The players now get to experience PGA Tour with the authenticity of a proper broadcast, complete with round-based statistics, situational data, scores and a visual presentation reminiscent of television.  With over 3,300 camera shots and angles, PGA Tour 14 seeks to capture every perspective on an individual game.  Plus, the game will feature tournament-friendly leaderboards that will “shift alongside its real-life majors”.

Variety is Key – PGA Tour 14 claims to have twenty-four distinct golfer swing styles available to players, allowing them to go wild with customization.  Be it power versus control, trajectory or handedness, the game will provide players the tools to tailor their career mode golfer, with each pro golfer having their own “authentic swing style”.

Hit It – Players will gain access to a new and improved Strike Meter, allowing for more consistency when hitting the ball with a well-executed stroke.  The Meter features a left-to-right movement as a way of simulating real-life scenarios, like side hill lies, to increase the game’s authenticity.

Ramp Up the Curve – Players can now enjoy a fifth difficulty setting called Simulation difficulty.  This setting, designed for hardcore gamers seeking a more true-to-life pro-golf experience, turns off all aids in the game, like the swing meter, the green grid, and zoom to aim.  The mode also allows players to use a new shot shaping feature to creatively manoeuvre the ball, as pros would do.

As it happens, these new features may be the key to securing PGA Tour‘s continued success.  We’ll just have to wait and see as it approaches its March 26th release date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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