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If you said isn’t  Terraria just another sandbox game, with a 2-D interface and digitized graphics? Well, you would be wrong. This game is so much more, with its epic adventures, crazy weapons and insane bosses. This game will provide you with hours of fun for only $9.99 on the Steam Store.

Some might say that Terraria is just like Minecraft, but it’s not.  Although it is a sandbox game like Minecraft that allows you to build things and mine, this game has so much more going on. If you build a house, each having a table, light and a chair, then people will start to move in, like a gun merchant and a demolition expert. You can buy things from these people with the coins that are dropped by monsters or found in pots and chests throughout the world.

I actually like the 2-D interface because it keeps the game simple and it allows you to play on three different map sizes: small, medium and large. The 2-D interface just feels right for the game. I couldn’t imagine it with a 3-D one; it just would work.

What has to be my favourite part of the game is that you create a character, then you create a world. Your character can move between worlds with all the gear and loot that they have on their person.  This feature is awesome because you can completely loot one world of all its treasures and then just make a new world and bring everything with you, so that you don’t start with nothing. You can travel between worlds freely, ensuring that there is endless amount of gameplay.

The bosses in Terraria have to be summoned by a special event or an item crafted to summon them. This allows the player to fight the boss as many times as he or she wants to, getting as much loot as possible.  The boss fights themselves are actually pretty easy, as long as you have a powerful weapon, max health, max mana and powerful armour, which is all pretty easy to get if you put in a little time.

The weapons in this game look like the items that were used to craft it and where the items came from.  If the weapon is made from material from the jungle, it will look like a jungle weapon. The same goes for amour and social equipment. Social equipment just makes you look cool.

The actual appeal and entertainment that the game provides is actually pretty high for a game that’s only $9.99. I find myself lost in the game, having spent hours playing without even realizing how long it actually has been.

I personally cannot think of a major flaw for this game, so I end here on a high note.



Written by Ben Voss, Gamer codex staff.


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