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Activision-Nickelodeon Deal for TMNT Games Made

Again, it seems Activision has many an ace up its sleeve, as it continues to grasp our most beloved franchises with its money-handling paws.  That’s the impression I get from this new deal between Activision Publishing and Nickelodeon that assures us several years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tie-in games.

For those who are unaware, the New York-born, pizza-loving, Turtles-in-a-half-shell have again been rebooted (for, like, the third time), with a new CG-animated series on our doorstep.  This new series airs new episodes every Saturday on Nickelodeon’s network, so it makes sense to promote the franchise as thoroughly as possible.

Thanks to this new deal, Activision has the global rights to develop and produce all games based on the TMNT license for a “multi-year” period. Kurt Niederloh, Vice President of Activision Publishing Minneapolis, noted the importance of meeting fans’ expectations, stating that they “span generations and are very passionate.  We respect this passion and look forward to working with Nickelodeon to create games that embody the spirit of the property.”

Expect the first of three planned tie-in games to release in the summer.  More information will be shared as the year continues.




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