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The Opinionator: Post Purchase Consumer Control

The Opinionator: Post Purchase Consumer Control

OK so first according to Electronic Arts video games are no longer products as they have said that their new game SimCity is a service. When a person buys a video game, book, movie ect they should gain the right to do with it as they please whether they want to play it, burn it, smash it with a hammer or trade it away but with things like online passes and micro transactions and always online play we cannot have this right for video games.


OK this is fucking horseshit. Like I said above a person should gain full control of what they do with a video game once they pay their 60 bucks for it or whatever the game fucking costs. With online passes, this restricts gamers from buying used video games. When a person buys a video game used that has an online pass service connected to it they aren’t guaranteed the entire game because if a person has used the fucking code they can’t play online or whatever it may be. There was something going around when Rage came out that the last chapter was connected to online pass, which I don’t know if it is true as I hated that game. EA Games also said that they haven’t green lit a single game that didn’t have a multiplayer component to it which means more games for their online pass shit. When you buy a movie used do you have to pay extra to see the climactic moment? Do you have to pay extra for a used book to get the last chapter? When you buy a used CD, do you pay extra for some of the songs? NO! So why must people try this with video games? Easy answer. MONEY. Video games are becoming less about the gamer and more about the profits, which brings me to…


So Dead Space 3 released a couple of weeks ago or something and in it there was the ability to buy extra items and equipment for real life money. Now what I don’t understand is WHO THE FUCK BUYS INTO THIS SHIT? You buy a game for 60-70 dollars and then they have the nerve to give you the option to pay them more money for in game shit that you won’t use again after you use the item or trade in the game? That is bullshit and it is again all about the money.


OK I really don’t get this one. Can someone please explain how this makes any sense at all? OK so before I explain in modern terms my argument I will use a retro example. Imagine for a minute that when Nintendo stopped producing NES systems that all the games for that system and the systems themselves just stopped functioning. People would freak on Nintendo there would be riots because of all the money spent that is now down the shitter. Now currently I can pull out a 10 year old PC game and install it on my computer and play it all I want and not need to be online because there was no online back then. However, if I install a game today usually it will be a download with no hard copy of the game and you will have to be on the internet to play it. Now what happens if the internet goes down in your house? This would mean you can’t play that game at that time. Now what happens if the game is discontinued and the publisher/developer stops supporting the game? You can’t play the game in any form except for torrents anymore. Now what happens in the future when steam or whatever platform you use stops being used? You can’t play your games anymore except for torrents. I am not a fan of games that do this unless you can still choose to play alone. A game that makes you play connected and play with other people is fucking fucking fucking stupid. When I play a game, I will decide whether or not to play with others and if I choose to I want them sitting beside me most of the time. I don’t support always online play because I don’t want to use my GB allowance on playing games and I don’t like playing with other people with some exceptions.

Now how can we stop this madness of what I have talked about in this article? Well you can just not buy the games. You can also wait awhile to buy it and buy it used or new because the first few weeks are all that publishers care about. You could also just do what I mentioned a few times but cant endorse or I could get sued but that’s just the way she goes.

DFTBA gamers

~The Opinionator


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