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The Opinionator: 10 Million…

The Opinionator: 10 Million…

…is not the amount of reviews I will write for Gamer Codex because let’s be honest with the amount of writing I do I would never get that done and also thankfully is not the price point of this game.  No the game is actually titled 10000000 or more simply put 10 million.

So 1000000…screw it I’m calling it Bob it is too much to write out the actually name. So Bob is created by a company called EightyEight Games LTD and is a match 3 game with RPG elements. Now wait don’t close the window or hit the back button because I saw this game on YouTube for steam and heard it was on the IOS app store so I decided to check it out. Next thing I knew I was addicted to this game.

As stated before this game is a match 3 style game that acts as an RPG. The hub of the game is a dungeon room that has a bed and some blocked off rooms to start. To unblock these rooms you have to fix them using stone and wood found by running the dungeon. So you run the dungeon. In the dungeon your 8-bit style character runs the top of the screen encountering monsters, locked chest and locked doors. You get past the monsters by matching either magic staffs or swords. As with most RPG’s some enemies are more susceptible to one over the other. You can also get bonus defense by matching shield tiles and gain wood and stone by matching their respective tiles.  There are also backpack tiles that give you items every few matches and key tiles for unlocking chests and doors.

When you get enough stone and wood you can fix up the different rooms which include a weapons room for both different weapons, a shield room, a room for spending experience on skills, an armour shop, and a potion room which I didn’t use much. With gold you get from the dungeon you can upgrade the rooms for higher upgrades to your stuff and to upgrade your shields, sword, staff, and armour. The training room allows you to get things like double damage on 4 in a row matches and one less lock on chests and double damage to dragons (a boss enemy in the game) and the potions room just has different potions that unlock depending on your skill level. There are different levels depending on how long you play. You will unlock them all throughout the game if you beat it.

Now I am 5 paragraphs into this review (not hate speech) and I still haven’t talked about the main aspect of the game. In the top of the hub there is a scoreboard. That scoreboard has your high score and your objective score. The high score shows your highest score in the dungeon and the objective is Bob points or your highest score if you have past Bob points already. Now how do you get points you ask? Well you get them from killing enemies matching tiles and if you get to the right side of the screen, you are sent back with a lot of bonus points.

Now if you get to the Bob points amount then you get a door beside your bed that gives you a nice graphic of you standing by the sea with the words “You Are Free” in the sky and the credits down below.

So that is really all I need to say on this game guys it is amazing. I was addicted to it over exam week, which was terrible I know but it is just awesomeness in a game form. One of my favourite games of this/last year and maybe of all time. Just doesn’t have a lot of replay value on IOS. Pick it up for its cheap price and play it fools.


~The Opinionator


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