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Nordic Games Seizing Assets from THQ

In the aftermath of THQ’s bankrupcy – a event which we have yet to cover here – it seems as though hope remains for some of their properties, after all.  For a lucky few franchises, Nordic Games will serve as a home, given that they were one of several successful bidders in the auctioning of […]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD

What is peace? Is it a feeling of great contentment with the world, coming and going as politics change? Or is it a resolution on our part to make do with what we have? What, pray tell, would someone be willing to do to preserve their vision of peace for all time? These are questions Metal […]

20 ways Batman: Arkham Origins can improve the Arkham formula (Part 1)

By: Eric Reis If this generation has done one thing right.. it’s finally doing justice to the batman license. Arkham Asylum proved that a Batman game doesn’t have to be relegated to a beat’em up and in fact can push the 3’rd person adventure genre to a whole new level. While Arkham Asylum focused on […]

The Opinionator: SERIOUSLY GEARBOX?!?!

The Opinionator: SERIOUSLY GEARBOX?!?! So recently I found out that Gearbox was putting out some new DLC for Borderlands 2 and I thought cool I’ll buy that on disc once I finish the disc of DLC I just bought. Then I started playing the DLC disc and found out that some items I can’t pick […]

The Admin Speculates – Metal Gear Solid V – Part 2: Making Conclusions and Questioning Mysteries

Last time, on The Admin Speculates, we took a look at the trailers in question, reminisced about the topsy-turvy development process behind the game(s), and broke down both sets of footage moment-by-moment.  Now, for the not-so-epic conclusion that probably could have fit into the original article… Enjoy! Also, please note: there are many Metal Gear […]

The Opinionator: Nintendo DS Double Kill

The Opinionator: Nintendo DS Double Kill And kill it will be. Both of the games I will be reviewing sucked so much ass I barely played them before saying, “Fuck it that’ll do,” and throwing the games in my trade in pile. Now you may be thinking “But Opinionator you god like figure, what games […]

Tomb Raider

To tell you the truth, I’ve been weary about this game’s release.  It’s not just because I disliked Tomb Raider: Underworld for the confounding, generic product that it was – I reserve my right to claim that it was.  It’s also not because of the controversy surrounding that one trailer that came far too close to displaying […]