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The Opinionator: Electroplankton

The Opinionator: Electroplankton

Now I know what you are thinking…wait no I don’t but I know what I’m thinking. I am a critic of games not music Sims so why am I playing this game? This “game,” with game in the largest possible quotation marks Microsoft word will allow, isn’t really a game. I see no game like aspects to it and that’s what I do I point out aspects of GAMES.

Electroplankton is just a music simulator on the DS. I own it because it is a fairly expensive game and I found it for cheap however, I am selling it so I thought I would pop it in one more time and write about it.

You have many different plankton that do different music types but can only access one “species” or plankton at one time. Would have been better to be able to use any that you wanted but whatever Toshio Iwai. And while we are on the subject of him, I want to know where the idea came from for this game.

The game also for some reason back when the DSi store was running (I don’t know the status of the store as I own a 3DS now) had lots more of the plankton things that you could purchase for real money. Like seriously why would you buy that shit.

This doesn’t even deserve to be on a cartridge. This should have been a download only/free to play game or better yet never made at all. I am appalled to know that money and resources were spent on this pointless piece of garbage and I am glad that I got it on the cheap and can now make some money selling this filth to someone else.

Sorry got a little out of hand there but that’s it, that’s all there is to say about this game I really can’t think of anything else so I’m just going to end it here.


~The Opinionator


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