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The Opinionator: SERIOUSLY GEARBOX?!?!

The Opinionator: SERIOUSLY GEARBOX?!?!

So recently I found out that Gearbox was putting out some new DLC for Borderlands 2 and I thought cool I’ll buy that on disc once I finish the disc of DLC I just bought. Then I started playing the DLC disc and found out that some items I can’t pick up because I need the DLC to play them…wait what back up. I just bought the disc and installed the DLC and the game is telling me I need to have the DLC to collect these items???

Did Gearbox forget to tell the game programmers to allow people to use the DLC to the fullest? I just paid $30 dollars (more than it probably would have cost to download mind) and I can’t use all of the content???

OK now I guess I’ll move on to the new DLC (Christ I’m saying that abbreviation a lot aren’t I?) which includes a new vault hunter and some other stuff that I don’t remember (no internet connection at the time of writing). There will also be a level cap increase of 11 levels bringing the count to 61 which will be free for seasons pass owners and will cost $5 for everyone else….wait what? They plan to charge people for an increase to the level cap. What kind of bullshit is this?

No company should charge for something like that. That should be a crime to charge people for small shit like that. I remember the time when you bought a game and it lasted you for a long time and you didn’t have to pay for more of the game because you didn’t need it.

I for one certainly won’t be buying anymore on DLC discs for Borderlands 2 and maybe not even for any Gearbox games. And don’t worry I will put in my two cents on the whole Gearbox Sega debacle that is currently going on with the whole Aliens: Colonial Marines  problem.


~The Opinionator


One comment on “The Opinionator: SERIOUSLY GEARBOX?!?!

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