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The Opinionator: Always Online Xbox 720???

The Opinionator: Always Online Xbox 720???

So I go on Facebook this afternoon (April 5th) to find that IGN has posted about a person from Microsoft that was being a complete dick on twitter about how the next Xbox would be always online and DRM. Now friends of mine will understand why I think this is the worst idea in the world. I hate playing games with people online with very few exceptions (those being 2 PC games) because I hate most people I meet and I do not feel like paying for live. Also, I have only 60 GB/ month for the net but that’s not the point.

If Microsoft decides to do this to the 720 they will lose so many people and wont make any money off this console. Didn’t they see what happened with Diablo 3 and more recently SimCity? When Diablo 3 launched and it was always online it couldn’t be played well and there were crashes (this is just what I remember as I never played it) and how SimCity couldn’t be played and how people were hacking it to play offline. If Microsoft does this with the 720, people will hack the system so they can play it offline.

I personally will not be buying a 720 if it is always online because I hate people because people are dicks online so I will buy a PS4 and if the PS4 is always online I will buy a fucking WII U.


~The Opinionator


One comment on “The Opinionator: Always Online Xbox 720???

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