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DLC Quest

I’m curious, is there a cosmic entity I specifically peeved by sticking primarily with big-budget games, and not paying any mind to the indie game market until now? I’m only asking because every time I’ve actually tried an indie game, I’ve come away feeling like the $100 or so spent on various Call of Duties over the years was probably […]

Soul Calibur V

I know most gamers aren’t big fans of math but follow me here. Take a classic and wildly popular franchise add 2 angsty main characters and then subtract a whole whack of fan favorite characters and what do you get? Well what you get is Soul Calibur V the highly anticipated and highly disappointing sixth […]

Deus Ex: The Fall Makes Its First Impression

I’d never outright call Square Enix a money-craving twat of a company, but at the moment there’s certainly the temptation to question their grand plan.  Amid all the hype and rumours, Square has released the first trailer and some screenshots for Deus Ex: The Fall, an upcoming mobile & handheld game set in the Deus Ex universe – […]

Poker Night 2

Some games target our sense of humour. Other games look to our nostalgia, our knowledge of the golden days of pop culture.  Poker Night 2 is the natural blend of these two ideas, while also being a damn fine simulation of poker. Developed by Telltale Games, Poker Night 2 expands on the premise of the […]