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Terraria Collector’s Edition Woes

Terraria Collector’s Edition Woes

It is a sad day for me indeed Opinionators because I just went onto EBGames canada’s website and found that there was a collector’s edition for Terraria on 360 and PS3. Now I’m not going to argue about how it’s a stupid milking of the game because I don’t believe that but I am very sad that 505 dropped the ball on this edition.

Now people are saying that they are trying to milk this game for all it’s worth with this edition and expecting people who already own it to buy it again. What I would have thought that 505 would do is release this on disc like Mojang did for Minecraft recently so that people who don’t connect to the internet to play and buy games can play it too. I was sadly mistaken because if you read the fine print on EBGames’ website it says that the collector’s edition comes with a download card along with the other items in this edition… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Are we seriously this close to having discs go out the fucking window?

If we keep going the way we currently are we will eventually see a console without a disc drive which is a console I won’t buy. I’m fine with things like the Xbox One’s day one connection for the update I will comply with that as a onetime thing but I will NOT repeat I WILL NOT conform to download only games because what happens in 20-30 years when that system or service (such as Steam) is no longer supported? What happens is that all that money we have spent on these games is lost because are games are lost too.

So I personally won’t be purchasing this collector’s edition for my collection as I refuse to connect my 360 to the internet because it take up to much bandwidth.


~The Opinionator


One comment on “Terraria Collector’s Edition Woes

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