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Update: The Opinionator

Alright hello Opinionators what is up?
I apologize for my dry spell since the beginning of July when I posted my Terraria Collectors edition woes article. I have, as the Codex Admin said in his update article, been working on some projects of my own.

Currently for the website I am working on some video reviews and trying to get as many as possible (hopefully around 12) that I can release once a month so that I can get recording again next summer. the reason for this is because I will be entering college this September and I will not have a tonne of time to record videos so I am trying to get as many done and uploaded so that they can release on a schedule as possible. The reviews that I have currently recorded are all only myself but I will also be introducing my co-host &Shane in some reviews of games like Skyrim of which he has a great opinion.

I have also been participating a fair amount in the Steam Summer Sale so I will every once in awhile post a written article about one of the games I have purchased. those games include things like The Binding of Isaac, Ace of Spades and games that other writers on here have already covered like The Cave and DLC Quest.

I have also been fairly busy with things not pertaining to the website but will be publicised on here at some point. I am a very avid writer and have been working on a zombie apocalypse novel with &Shane that centers around our character Matt and Shane while they try to survive. I am aiming to get to 175 pages roughly at the end and am currently at 100 pages. once I finish my book I will be heading to Indiegogo to self publish our book. I also love to write short stories and plan to eventually Indiegogo (can that be used as a verb? Well it can now!) a book of short stories by Shane and I.

Shane and I have also been preparing for Conbravo in Hamilton Ontario which we will be covering that happens this week so we have been fairly busy with packing and such for that.

The last and most recent thing that I have been working on is the planning stages for a game that Shane and I will be working on creating with him being the programmer/artist and myself being the writer/artist. we are currently in the idea/planning stage and I plan to release updates here as we go along.


~The Opinionator


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