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Resident Evil 5

The Short Version: Even if you’re a longtime Resident Evil fan, it’s hard to justify buying this particular instalment.  It’s not in line with the series’ horror legacy, nor is it a shining example of action-packed shooter gameplay.  This is a clunky, padded, underwhelming product that deserves no more than a rental – it’ll take […]


Before reading further, please consider visiting this link provided by our advertisers, detailing the top 5 largest online poker hands.  It is not mandatory, but it is there if you wish.  Now, on with the review… The Short Version: No one else is playing this game, so why should you? Take my advice, people – […]

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Short Version:  It’s bad in the most boring way possible.  I like the idea of having new IPs to root for, and I think I get what IO Interactive was going for, but ultimately the final product is a waste of talent and energy.  Don’t play this unless you’re completely bored, and don’t dare buy […]


Hello everyone The Opinionator here with a quick update. As you should all know by now my first video review is now up and subsequent reviews will come out on the first of every month so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel WorldofTomorrowInc. On a similar note I have just created a website […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

 Trivia: -While in development, the game was meant to be based on real-life events, but further planning was brought to a halt due to events in the 2008 South Ossetia War and the Mumbai terrorist attacks -Infinity Ward chose only to test the game’s multiplayer suite in an internal beta, believing that an open beta […]

The Opinionator: Plants Vs. Zombies

Hey guys I’m back and guess what? I’m here with my first video review. These reviews will be posted once a month on the first of every month. so without further ado please check out my first review. PS. yes I did forget to wear my hat.

Assassin’s Creed II

Note: I’m altering my earlier announcement.  Starting from today, Friday the 2nd, my reviews will be weekly.  It saves me a lot of time, energy and brain power.  As such, Modern Warfare 2’s review will take a while… Anyway, onto the review! The Short Version It’s really quite good – not flawless, but a damn […]