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The GC Fund for Acorn Cinema

Note: You may be wondering why this article’s here, when our work has been coming out on a weekly basis and only one per week.  This is a special occasion, as indicated by the presence of DONATE buttons. If you are not interested in learning more or if you do not want to help this cause, please feel free to skip this article.


Alright, here’s the situation. Like many gamers before me, I am a fan of Ed Peduzzi – better known simply as Ed of Acorn Cinema.  Ed’s an independent filmmaker and part-time video game reviewer.  He is well-respected for the former and well-loved for the latter, because of the way in which he blends visual gags, sharp writing, colourful analogies and a strong set of cultural values in his work.

Being a man who knows the value of an experience over simply relaying an experience, I’ll grant you a moment to watch the video below – a personal favourite of mine, in which Ed shows off his passion for gaming culture and raw directorial talent in a review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  

Evidently, he’s both entertaining and talented enough to make an impact on the Internet.  However, due to circumstances out of his control and limited funds, he often goes on long hiatuses without updates or videos.  I do not like to see such potential wasted because of unfortunate circumstances, and I do in fact care about my fellow reviewing/gaming community, so I want to do what I can to help Ed.

This is where you come in.  These DONATE buttons link to the Gamer Codex Fund for Acorn Cinema, where you can donate a set amount of $5.00 via PayPal to go towards funding Ed’s future videos and helping out with his situation.  I chose $5.00 because it’s not a particularly wallet-breaking amount, yet it adds up nicely over time.   We’ll be running the fund from tonight on September 20th, to 10:00 PM EST on October 19th, so consider this a limited time offer.

If you were entertained by his video, or if you cherish the thought of helping the independent make their way in the world, please do your part.   Help Acorn Cinema live to see another day.



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