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RvB 13 – Episode 1: Prologue (THE NOW)

WARNING: Spoilers follow.

So this happened.

First things first, you can tell Rooster Teeth’s fancy new partnership with Fullscreen has paid off – or maybe they’ve just refined their method; either way, the animation is top form.

Character models have subtle little movements and details, the environments channel the worn-in science-fiction feel of Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars, and any action (brief though it is) finds a nice balance between the impact of blows and the fluidity of motion.  It’s further proof that the famed cockbite is the best in the business at what they do.

Beyond that, there isn’t much to tell – this is moving the pieces into position for what promises to be a game-changing season.  But it’s a really good version of that, and I urge you to go and watch it before reading further.

Still here? Okay, let’s continue.

Mercenaries Felix (Miles Luna) and Locus (Grey Haddock) are back, apparently harassing ships in the depths of space.  Our opening scenes build to a clear conclusion, as Felix talks up the crew of his latest target – and then proceeds to decimate everyone in close proximity.  I love Luna’s particular approach to the character – amiable goofball one minute, ruthless killer the next, flipping between the two at the drop of a hat.

The name of the game here is recruitment; Felix and Locus, acting on their superior’s orders, seek to commandeer the prison ship Tartarus and employ the prisoners as paid volunteers.  The way the duo sets up the offer is morbidly fun – Felix plays to their sense of honor by having them grip their cell bars, and then hit the airlock button.  Bye-bye, non-volunteers.

And there’s a couple notable reveals stuck in there.  First, welcome back the Councillor of Project Freelancer (Asaf Ronen), whose quick wits and intimate knowledge of the Freelancers saves his life – and potentially makes him a threat, but we’ll worry about that later.  The Councillor also vouches for another fellow – a chap with his left eye gone/scarred, who is said to have a history with the Freelancers.  Hmm…

That’s the episode, save for the brief appearances of main cast members Caboose (Joel Heyman) and Grif (Geoff Ramsey).  In hindsight, perhaps starting with more lengthy and full-fledged episodes might have been better, but then we all have to start somewhere.  And something tells me our one-eyed friend is going to become very important.




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