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This is fascinating.  And I can’t put my finger on the reason why.

Hatred is a top-down shooter due for release in Quarter 2 of 2015, portraying a long-haired man’s quest to kill as many innocent people as possible before dying.  Other than the man’s titular hatred of, well, EVERYTHING, that appears to be it for the plot.

It looks like a standard twin-stick shooting game, where one control stick (or WASD keys) controls the character’s movement while the other stick (or mouse) aims and fires weapons.  The game’s black-and-white visuals is certainly unique, punctuated by orange explosions and flames.  And the violence is… Uh… Graphic?

Look, the controversy behind this game and its developer’s “this is provocative, respect my intent” attitude is a lot more interesting and thought-provoking than the game itself, at least based on the trailers.  Hatred looks incredibly uninspired and, in part due to the monochromatic style, distinctly unfun.  That might be the point, but let me pose this question: if you don’t want to entertain, what do you have to offer as a fitting replacement?

Since I can’t quite tell yet what the response is, Hatred has my attention for the time being.


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