Lego Dimensions (EYE TO THE FUTURE)

Lego Dimensions (EYE TO THE FUTURE)

I honestly wasn’t expecting “Skylanders but for LEGO” to be what came out of The LEGO Movie‘s success.  Were you? Advertisements

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Aims at Innovation

Let it never be said that EA purposefully makes bad games – it’s just that they’re so wealthy and successful that the concerns of the “little people” (a.k.a the average gamer) seem petty to them, so quality isn’t always prioritized.  Luckily, that may not be a concern with this year’s instalment of Tiger Woods PGA […]

E3 2012: Games to Watch For

Over the years, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known to laymen as E3, has gone from being a celebration of revolutionary advances and innovations to a familiar collection of slowly-advancing technology and constantly proliferating sequels.  Yet from time to time, there are some real jewels amongst the samey proceedings, some big and small-name releases that might […]


Forward by Kurt Hvorup With the popularity and financial success that Bethesda Softworks’ 2011 release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has received, it was almost inevitable that an expansion would be developed to further capitalize on the strength of the latest installment.  Dawnguard, the first announced DLC for Skyrim, is set to present some new […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – First Trailer Analysis

Note (May 1st): All I can say is…What. The.  F*ck? I’ve never done a complete 180 like this before, harping on something for having the potential to be disappointing before eating my words with my mouth gaping open like a fish’s all within a 24 hour period.  To specify, I am referring to the premiere trailer […]

Asura’s Wrath Returns: DLC Style

Wrath does not simmer down quickly, as it would seem with Capcom’s new IP Asura’s Wrath.  This highly-stylized action game, told over the course of 18 episodes (or 19, counting the secret one), will apparently be getting longer, as Capcom sent out a press release two days ago announcing upcoming DLC that would add to […]

Square Enix: Double Dose of News

Looks like our good friend Square Enix has been quite the busy beaver lately.  Between releasing Final Fantasy XII-2, developing Wakfu (to be addressed later), Kingdom Hearts 3D and Sleeping Dogs (the reboot of the True Crime franchise), they are also working on DLC and online promotions.  Here is just some of what they have announced […]