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Return NULL – Episode 1 (THE NOW)

Return NULL – Episode 1 (THE NOW)

And here I thought Steam would disappoint.  Nope – I got a sufficiently fascinating game for my money.  Lucky me. SPOILERS for the game follow: Advertisements

RvB 13 – Episode 2: Capital Assets (THE NOW)

RvB 13 – Episode 2: Capital Assets (THE NOW)

While this season still appears to be setting up pieces of a larger puzzle, Capital Assets is more about addressing the lingering conflict and character dynamics coming out of Season 12.  So in that sense more is going on here than last episode – though there’s still room for levity in-between the world building scenes. […]

Call of Duty

Video Review: On the way… Written Review: When I think about how the first-person shooter has evolved, my first instinct is to turn to Call of Duty.  The little-remembered 2003 war epic turned a niche genre – the military shooter – into a full-blown phenomenon, earning millions for publisher Activision and resulting in an avalanche of […]

The Wolf Among Us – Episode One: Faith

The Short Version: Buy this game for the love of F**KING GOD! Rarely this year, or with gaming in general, have I seen everything I want a game to do right done right.  Strong pacing, good action, top-notch writing, high-quality acting, controls that don’t feel like driving a big f**king tank – it’s the introduction to the Fables […]

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The Short Version Here’s the deal: 400 Days is not as good as Season 1, but it’s worth playing on its own merits.  Telltale Games put a lot of faith in experimentation and variety this time around and it paid off.  This is a strong encapsulation of everything good and powerful about The Walking Dead, and it’s easily a […]

DLC Quest

I’m curious, is there a cosmic entity I specifically peeved by sticking primarily with big-budget games, and not paying any mind to the indie game market until now? I’m only asking because every time I’ve actually tried an indie game, I’ve come away feeling like the $100 or so spent on various Call of Duties over the years was probably […]

Poker Night 2

Some games target our sense of humour. Other games look to our nostalgia, our knowledge of the golden days of pop culture.  Poker Night 2 is the natural blend of these two ideas, while also being a damn fine simulation of poker. Developed by Telltale Games, Poker Night 2 expands on the premise of the […]