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Industry Update: May 31th

To consolidate the relatively small amount of press releases I receive, here is the most pertinent information from the last few days, with a bit of commentary strewn in: From EA The typically cash-grabbing modern corporate icon that is Electronic Arts has gained a reputation for delaying the release of certain content pertinent to their […]

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Many games are centered around angry characters with brutal tendencies.  Kratos.  Asura.   Starkiller.  These are emotionally unstable beings who resort to acts of intense over-the-top violence to curb their limitless rage.  Not exactly the sorts of fellows one associates with the cold, dry-witted, typically professional government operative that is Sam Fisher, the first and […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops

When a gamer thinks of iteration, they think of Call of Duty. These days, the two have become inseparable, as the once-innovative and fresh cinematic franchise has fallen into a popular yet unchanging section of the market. The games still manage to outsell one another by millions, but the formula is beginning to get stale…until […]

Square Enix Pre-Order Bonuses

Another Square Enix-oriented news article, but in light of their recent announcements I felt this article was necessary, given that the franchises involved are somewhat popular.  To hype their upcoming releases Hitman: Absolution and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance [3D], the prolific game developer and publisher has announced various pre-order bonuses that should interest fans… […]

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 – A New Day

When a game is rated M for Mature, one expects it to follow that logic.  Some games do so with great aplomb, others go to excessive levels to meet this standard (or don’t go far enough, for others still).  One thing that can be said for certain is this: Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead […]

Hello Gamer Codex

Hello everyone, My name is Matt Tennant aka. WorldofTomorrowInc on wordpress and youtube. I am the newest journalist for Gamer Codex and I cant thank Kurt enough for this opportunity. I have some ideas for reviews that I wish to make but I would like opinions on a series called “Rather Play Pong” which will feature […]


Note: This applies to the single-player mode, not multiplayer, as I was unable to access the latter.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but all the features listed below should be consistent between modes.  The ultimate sandbox could have appeared under every description of this game from here to Wikipedia, and it would have made sense. […]