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The Review Method

So if you’ve been a fan of this site, or simply watching its development from the sidelines, you may have noticed that Gamer Codex has an eclectic approach to review scores.  That is to say, we (or I, at this point) haven’t really stuck to a method of conveying a game’s quality.

Thus, consistency was our sticking point – until now.

As of the creation of this page (March 21, 2015 for the record), there shall be an Official Review Score Method.  It shall consist of the following:

four_half-stars_0(star-based score, with each half-star being 1 out of 10)

I also want to qualify what specific scores mean, since this is a review blog (for the most part) and that’s how I roll.

one-half-star_01/10 – An all-around despicable game that I cannot muster the will to speak positively about in any way.  It’s not just that the game is bad – it’s that it offends my sensibilities as a critic and as a gamer.

one_star_012/10 – A game that fundamentally fails to engage me.  I can’t say if the developer didn’t understand their creation or if they just didn’t care, but the end result is disposable and worthless in my eyes.

one_half-stars_03/10 – Firmly poor quality, save perhaps for one or two interesting ideas.  I don’t know that I have to elaborate more than this; the game just isn’t very good.

two-star-rating4/10 – A bad game, but only barely.  Perhaps it has an interesting concept that it botches, perhaps it’s a shoddily built game that nevertheless looks and sound pretty – regardless, it’s a disappointment on some level.

two-and-a-half-stars-300x695/10 – What is typically called “average” or “decent”.  It has about half the makings of a good game, but misses the mark in some key ways.  I don’t hate it, but I also don’t like it all that much.

3-stars-out-of-56/10 – A game that is as impressive in its good qualities, as it is fascinating in its failings.  It’s above-average in every or most respects and it shows its developer is trying, so it at least has that going for it.

3-5-stars7/10 – A good game, full stop.  Perhaps there are some notable flaws, but I find with these games there is clear effort and passion shown.  Developers, take note: these are qualities that you should want to have, as they impress people like me and endear people to your games. 

four-stars8/10 – A good game on the verge of greatness, or a great game with mild flaws.  I can safely recommend these games with certainty, knowing that they are rock solid in design.

four_half-stars_0 9/10 – An unqualified success of a game and one I recommend to everyone I can.  Barring some minor quibbles I may have, this is the kind of product I want on my shelf and the kind of experience that sticks with me.

five-stars10/10 – Nothing is perfect and art is subjective, but these games are masterpieces to me.  Like masterpieces, they are flawed, driven by a singular vision, and perhaps alienating or unusual on some level – but I cannot tear myself away from them.  The word “classic” does not do them justice.

-The Codex Admin


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