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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

“When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth”- Dawn of the Dead So when hell is full the dead will walk? Okay I can buy that! But what happens when the video gaming industry has completely run out of ideas? Well then the dead may start walking around in […]

Xbox One Not Targetting High-End Graphics

If Microsoft has it their way, Xbox One may be their ticket out of the graphics race.  A recent statement by a Microsoft developer indicated that the Xbox One would not be released with the intention to compete with other console’s graphics. Greg Williams, GM of silicon development, went on record with the following statement: […]

Video game piracy, as it happens, may not be the industry-killing disease many believe it to be. A recent joint study between Aalborg University’s Department of Communication and Psychology and the PLAIT Lab at Northeastern University shed light on the statistics of video game piracy in a three month period between 2010 and 2011. The […]

The Opinionator: VICTORY!!!!

The Opinionator: VICTORY!!!! So we have been victorious. EA Games has decided to discontinue all online passes in future games which means no more used game lock outs for multiplayer or god forbid single player. This doesn’t mean however that all PREVIOUS titles will stop using online pass because they still will because there is […]

Electronic Arts Fires 900 In “Organizational Restructuring”

It seemed as though Electronic Arts, one of the industry’s titan-like companies, could not possibly lose any more public favour.  Yet again, however, the rumour mill turns as EA announced during its most recent conference call that approximately 900 employees had been fired as part of an “organizational restructuring.” This announcement came with the emphasis […]

The Opinionator: Always Online Xbox 720???

The Opinionator: Always Online Xbox 720??? So I go on Facebook this afternoon (April 5th) to find that IGN has posted about a person from Microsoft that was being a complete dick on twitter about how the next Xbox would be always online and DRM. Now friends of mine will understand why I think this […]