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Industry Update: November 24th

I apologize in advance for the short length of this article – oh, who are we kidding, this blog post – but truth be told, the video game industry is all wrapped up in Fall Release Time.  This time every year, we are pummeled and suffocated by AAA release after AAA release. Every fall, we have […]

Red Dead Redemption

The crack signify the firing of a revolver. The relentless pounding of hooves on dirt. The piercing brightness of a desert sunrise. Those are just some of the most iconic images associated with Westerns, a genre of films renowned for their intense firefights, their generally period-perfect writing, their quiet-but-deadly lead characters, and their careful storytelling […]

Film vs. Gaming: Batman

Note: This is another new segment that ye old Codex Admin is implementing.  It’s just a fun comparison of film and game properties that just happen to come from the same franchise –  partially because interesting and readily-available news can be hard to come by, but also because this takes less time than finding and reviewing […]