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Halo 4

Halo 4, the 8th installment to the Halo series, is finally going to arrive on November 6, 2012.  343 Industries has taken over the Halo series on this one and so far are doing a good job to make it look amazing.  Even though these games are not repetitive like other series, all the Halo […]

Gaming: Why it attracts the ire of society

It’s been relatively slow since E3, with all the major releases – my personal watchlist containing Resident Evil 6, Dishonoured and Need for Speed: Most Wanted – being hyped for the end of the year and all of our writers occupied with smaller reviews and articles, some of which could be argued as being irrelevant […]

Max Payne Mobile

This is truly new territory for me, reviewing an Android product. What makes this all the more tricky is that this product is the Android port of Max Payne (entitled Max Payne Mobile), a classic game that was widely-acclaimed in its original form and is considered the foundations upon which all film-noir storytelling and bullet-time-oriented […]

Halo – 11 years and 7 games later: A Series Retrospective

Hello Gamer Codex, Matt, aka WorldofTomorrowInc here with my first review. I have posted some TCG unboxings so far, but no reviews. I plan on uploading my video review for Minecraft soon, but until then here is my Halo series review (Spoiler Warning): Halo CE: So the game is called Combat Evolved…and evolved they haven’t. […]

Alpha Protocol

Sega’s been the butt of many a joke these days, what with the inconsistent quality of Sonic games and the constant release of poor licensed games. It’s therefore surprising to consider that they would take a risk on a delayed IP from Obsidian Entertainment, a developer known for profiting on sequels and expansions, and put […]

TCG Unboxing: Yu-Gi-Oh Collection

It’s been years since I’ve thought about Yu-Gi-Oh, the Japanese card game that was once a top competitor in its field, matched only really by Pokemon (the card game, not the video games).  These days, the average person doesn’t hear much about it, as it has seemingly fallen into obscurity with the rise of online […]

TCG Unboxings: Chaotic Collection

One of our newest recruits, Matt, has a love for card games and access to recording equipment.  Therefore, ever since he joined Gamer Codex, this smörgåsbord of Unboxing videos has been inevitable.  If you’re a fan, you’ll appreciate them; if not, well, they’re here anyway if you change your mind: As a new Chaotic fan, […]