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Update: The Opinionator

Alright hello Opinionators what is up?I apologize for my dry spell since the beginning of July when I posted my Terraria Collectors edition woes article. I have, as the Codex Admin said in his update article, been working on some projects of my own. Currently for the website I am working on some video reviews […]

What’s To Come: Reviews

If there’s any actual fans of this site, apologies are due.  I’ve been in a rut, without any drive or care for writing articles.  It’s probably the lack of passion I have in general, since at times I’m not even sure I have anything to say or any desire to talk about video games. In […]

Terraria Collector’s Edition Woes

Terraria Collector’s Edition Woes It is a sad day for me indeed Opinionators because I just went onto EBGames canada’s website and found that there was a collector’s edition for Terraria on 360 and PS3. Now I’m not going to argue about how it’s a stupid milking of the game because I don’t believe that […]