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The Opinionator: Smile in the Face of Death

The Opinionator: Smile in the Face of Death Okay. Well Fuck. You see what I have to work with? No of course you fucking don’t, I haven’t told you what I am reviewing yet. So Shane picked this game up as part of my Christmas present and I thought that it would be a fun […]

The Opinionator: Oh Golly Gee This is a Shock

The Opinionator: Oh Golly Gee This is a Shock Oh yes it is a shock isn’t it? I’m actually doing some fucking writing for once. Seriously though I have been very busy with school and my job where I actually get paid. Yeah you guys hear that? I don’t get paid for this yet so […]

Five Hopefully Continuing One-Shot Series for 2013

As we approach the end of 2012 (and, more likely than not, survive December 21st), it’s only natural that we would start looking ahead to the future of gaming.  What games will take up our time and money next year?  What should we root for? One thing that will inevitably cross our minds are the […]

Gamer Codex 2012 Gaming Awards – The Genre Awards

Come one, come all, to the first annual Gamer Codex Gaming Awards, an online award show where our readers – you – select from a number of games as the “Best of” their categories.   The top 4 picks are then gathered up and cut down to one winner by our staff, who will then release […]

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – No Time Left

Last time, on Gamer Codex: On its own, Around Every Corner feels like the weakest link in a five-link chain, but it still retains enough quality to make it worthwhile.  With that said, given how it ends, I can only expect great things from No Time Left… And now, the conclusion. …Well, I’ll pull out […]

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner

A few hours to the conclusion.  That’s the point that Around Every Corner seems to want to get across, what with our group of survivors being in shambles, their goal handing on a thread, and the city they’re entering a veritable enigma.   I hesitate to use the word “filler episode” here, but like other […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Everyone, get ready to load up, get in your marathon chairs, and wipe down your controllers.  Call of Duty is back and, as always, is ready to get obsessively played for hours on end (and then criticized for being formulaic by us hypocrites). Wait… Scratch that above statement – that’s from my 2011 cue-cards.  Toss […]