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The Codex Admin’s Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time

Warning: There will be spoilers for games that range in age – some even go back a decade.  If you haven’t played these by now, chances are you probably never will. Look, we all have our personal favourites lists.  The games that defined us as gamers, the ones that impacted us in deep ways, the […]

Why Do We Game?

Ask me any question about gaming but this, and I’d have an answer in a heartbeat. When’s Prey 2 coming out? When Bethesda lifts up the massive orbit that is their ass and gets into gear. Why did Mass Effect 3’s ending suck so much? Because EA is a greedy, manipulative corporate entity with no […]

A Word from Our Sponsors: January 23rd, 2013

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Thirty Flights of Loving

There are three things you need to know about Thirty Flights of Loving, a community-funded Kickstarter project developed by Blendo Games: 1)      It’s super cheap at $4.99 2)      The first few things you say about it will start with “What the hell…” 3)      It’s only ten minutes long This is truly the weirdest indie game […]

Industry Update: January 13th, 2013

Bring up your browser, pull out your textbooks and grab your pencils, ’cause it’s time for another Industry Update.  This time around, we’re changing things up; now, instead of lumping together news by companies, we’ve come up with some (so-called) clever puns for titles.   Please sit back and hopefully be enlightened (and a bit […]

2012 in Gaming

2012, like many years in the gaming industry, was pretty typical at first glance. January was the graveyard for post-Christmas games that didn’t make the cut, game releases slowed down over the summer, and most of the majorly hyped games came out at year’s end. However, what makes the difference are the details. Not everything […]

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Rewind back to 2011 for a moment.  Nostalgia was firmly in the air as Duke Nukem Forever‘s June release was optimistically awaited.  It was set up to be the return of old-school first-person shooter gameplay: intense large-scale firefights, a wide range of explosive weaponry, and unrelenting one-liners from a classic gaming icon. Then it actually […]